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Earn money via Kenyaplex

5 min read gives you an opportunity to earn money online through the following ways.

  • Posting notes, tutorials, e-books, online courses, summaries, case studies and other educational content – You can now earn by posting your high quality, self-written educational content such as class and lecture notes, tutorials, e-books, summaries, case studies, schemes of work, lesson plans, study guides, business plans, online courses among others. You can create content, set a price and earn whenever a user buys your content. You will earning 60% of the price amount for each successful sale if you are a premium tutor and 50% if you are a basic tutor. Kenyaplex will be retaining a commission of 40% or 50% based on seller membership type to cater for content hosting and payment processing expenses. For example, if you create an e-book and price it at Ksh. 1000, you will earn Ksh. 600 whenever a user buys the e-book. The earning potential is high as long as you post high quality content. Posting plagiarized is forbidden and may lead to termination of your kenyaplex account.
    Please note that you can scan your handwritten class notes and upload.
    Start posting now! | Learn more about how to sell notes

  • Posting questions and answers (Q&A pairs) under Q&A section
    Kenyaplex offers you a chance to earn by posting Q&A pairs. We will reward you for each approved Q&A. We reward between Ksh. 3 and Ksh. 20 for each approved question and answer. It does not end there. If a student buys a subscription via your Q&A, you will earn 30% of the subscription amount for a period of one year. We have subscriptions for Ksh. 100 (Weekly), Ksh. 240 (Monthly), Ksh. 600 (Quarterly), Ksh. 960 (Semi-annual) and Ksh. 1,440 (Annual). If for example a student buys annual subscription of Ksh. 1,440, you will earn Ksh. 432. This process is fully automated and the earning potential is unlimited!
    Add Q&A
    N/B: You need to register as a tutor to post Q&A’s.

  • Answering unsolved questions under Q&A section
    Kenyaplex has a feature where students can ask questions and quote a price they wish to pay to get their questions answered. If you answer a question which a student has paid for to be answered, you will get paid 50% of the amount paid.
    Please visit Q&A section and click “Usolved” link to answer questions. You need to register as a tutor to answer questions.

  • Working as a tutor – We link tutors to prospective students. All what you need to do is to create a tutor profile here on Kenyaplex and we will let students find you. Direct students tutoring enquiries are also sent to our registered tutors.
    There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as a tutor. You can either do tutoring on part time or full time basis.
    This is how the tutor feature works:
    – You create your detailed tutor profile.
    – Students or parents contact us seeking to recruit tutors.
    – We link tutor to parent/student.
    – Tutor at this stage agrees with parent/tutors on all aspects of tutoring and payment.
    – Once in agreement, tutor starts teaching student at agreed location or online.
    – Tutor decides on the mode of payment, either pre-payment (payment before coaching) or post-payment (payment after coaching).
    Register as a tutor now!

  • Posting past exam papers – We will pay you for each single past paper you post on Kenyaplex as long as it does not exist on our database. We pay up-to Ksh. 20 per past paper. Please note that all past papers posted have to go through a review process and usually appear online within 48 hours. We will credit your account with earnings once the past papers are approved. Visit past papers section and start adding past papers.
    Post Past Paper

  • Posting educational articles in the resources section – If you can write high quality, descriptive, original, unique articles related to education in Kenya, this chance is for you. You will make money from each article you post on Kenyaplex. Once your articles are reviewed and accepted, your Kenyaplex account will credited with an amount ranging from Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 200 per article. Articles copied from other sources will be deleted and affected member account may be banned from posting articles.
    Please aim at writing articles about 1000 words long for a chance to earn good cash. Visit resources section and start posting articles.

  • Adding courses to colleges – We will pay you for each valid course you link to a college. To do this, simply go to colleges section, search for a college and while on the college details page, add a course to the college. Please make sure that the college offers the course before adding. Adding detailed description for the course with improve your chances of earning.

  • Adding courses to universities – We will pay you for each valid course you link to university. To do this, simply go to universities section, search for a university and while on the university details page, add a course to the university. Please make sure that the university offers the course before adding. Add a detailed description to the course.

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All content posted is reviewed within 48 hours. After review, we reward you for the qualified content.

Only comprehensive and well written content gets rewarded.

This program is ideal for Kenyans who want to make money online.

You will be paid when your balance reaches Ksh.1000. Payments will be made through M-Pesa.

Note: This program is open only to Kenyans only at the moment.
Copying content from other websites is strictly forbidden and copied content will be immediately deleted and the affected member banned from participating on A banned member will lose all the earned amount in his/her account. Shallow content or content with grammar or spelling mistakes may earn you lower than the stipulated amounts. To receive payment, you need to have updated your registration data with your mobile phone number. To add your mobile phone(if you have not done that so far), please visit Manage Account and choose Add/Edit Mobile Number link. All payments are made via M-Pesa.

Kenyaplex Payment Timelines

Once your earnings reach Ksh.1,000. A payment request button will appear on your “Earning and Payments” page. You must request payment via the payment request button by the 20th day of the month. Once you initiate a request, rest assured that you will receive your payment between 23rd and 30th day of the month. All payment requests initiated after the 20th day of the month will not be issued during the current payment phase. Payments are sent via M-Pesa. We are however working on other payment solutions which will be availed soon.

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To participate in this program, you must be a registered member. Please register (if you are not registered by following the link below)

Register Now! If you have already registered, start actively participating on for a chance to make extra money online. Kenyaplex reward program has been in action since the year 2011 and we keep making it better. Hundreds of people have been able to work online via Kenyaplex since inception of the program

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