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Welcome to PROFIT NOW

Taking World By Storm

A better way to present your money using fully featured MLM and blogging system is now in Kenya & as well as globally. It’s the fastest and most scalable digital asset, giving us opportunities to earn and share out our mind to people. With as little as $2 (Standardized to KES 200) you can end up earning millions while you share out what is in your mind.

👉Lowest Membership Cost-this MLM has the lowest registration fee of just $2 only!!

👉Exclusive blogging-A better way to express what is in your mind exclusively

👉Profitable network-Earn from your network and your network’s network

here is the registration link


Join by registering. Pay registration fee of $2 and become a full member.
Network and earn by referring as many people as you canYour network can go infinitely in your direct referrals and downline of up to 5 levels.
📌Once your referrals pay registration fee($2) you earn 25% ($0.5).
📌20% ($0.4) from second level
📌15% ($0.3) from the third.
📌10% ($0.2) from the fourth level.
📌5% ($0.1) from fifth level.

SAMPLE OF EARNINGS(just for a better understanding)
🎯What if you invite 2 to get 2 each?
Level 1(L1)=$0.5X2=$1
L2 =$0.4X4=$1.6
L3 =$0.3X8=$2.4
L4 =$0.2X16=$3.2
L5 =$0.1X32=$3.2

🎯What if you invite 5 to get 5 each?
L1 =$0.5X5=$2.5
L2 =$0.4X25=$10
L3 =$0.3X125=$37.5
L4 =$0.2X625=$125
L4 =$0.1X3,125=312.5
total= $487.5

🎯What if you invite 10 members to get 10 each?
L1 =$0.5X10=$5
L2 =$0.4X100=$40
L3 =$0.3X1,000=$300
L4 =$0.2X10,000=$2,000
L4 =$0.4X100,000=$10,000
total= $12,345

As you can see, the better teamwork you do to raise a huge team of members the more the earnings.

Make More Money  Make Money With Vova

Imagine having a team of 100 active members in level 1 up to 3,all registering just 2 members a week, earning the minimum of $0.3 (level 3 earnings) you pocket your $60 weekly,regardless of the other levels, from an investment of just $2!you can make more than that, with an extra active team!Now stop imagining & take action!

It’s a game of numbers & since everyone can afford $2,there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t get started now

✍️you get paid immediately up on someone’s registration & activation of his/her account with the $2.
You can withdraw your money on Sunday & get it on Monday via your best payment method.

Enjoy the blog posts. You can also be a blogger by paying a one time blogging fee of $1

sign up now 👇

Welcome to greatness

Payment via Mpesa and Paypal

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